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Below is the breakdown of the 2021 Annual Meeting registration fees, with information on how to submit your registration to attend the virtual conference.
Invited Guest of Member

Register online using a credit card and receive immediate confirmation via email. (Your username is your email address. Please contact for password assistance.
*Note, it is the same password for your dues renewal).

Please feel free to review the schedule.
Inviting Guests to the Meeting

The process of inviting guests to attend the AGOS Annual Meeting will be processed through AGOS Headquarters staff. Below are the instructions on inviting a guest to this year's meeting

  • Guests are requested to fill out this Online Questionaire
  • Staff will send a formal invitation to attend the meeting along with a registration form via email and US Mail.
  • Invited guests may register to attend the Annual Meeting through AGOS Headquarters (note: they will not be able to register online for verification purposes).

Please contact AGOS staff at with any questions related to the invited guest process.

Absentee Notification

Unable to attend the 2021 Virtual Meeting?

In accordance with the bylaws, Article II. Section 2. Continued Participation. Any Active Fellow who does not attend an annual meeting for three successive years shall, unless he or she offers an excuse satisfactory to the Society, be dropped from Fellowship. This requirement does not pertain to Life Fellows or Honorary Fellows.

If you are unable to attend this year's meeting, submit your excused absence form online here by August 21, 2021. Letters will be reviewed and approved by Council.