Join Us!

  • Members shall be any national non-profit organization interested in women’s health research. Organizations may have more than one representative participate in WFRC meetings and designated to receive WFRC communications and updates. New applications for organizational membership will be vetted and approved by the co-chairs.
  • Official Representative. Each member of the WFRC shall have an official representative who shall be designated by the member organization. The official representative will serve as the member organization’s primary contact for WFRC business. WFRC’s Washington representative shall be responsible for the record keeping of membership and meetings.

  • Voting. Each dues paying member organization shall be entitled to one vote, which will be cast by each organization’s designated official voting representative. All votes that require approval will require a simple majority vote. At all WFRC meetings, a majority of the voting member organizations shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. WFRC’s Washington representative shall be responsible for updating each voting member’s voting representative annually; the same individual may serve as both the official and voting representatives for voting members organizations.

  • Meetings. The WFRC will meet at least once per quarter. These meetings may be held virtually.